Apostolic Pentecostal Women: Looking Different

Many people think that being a Christian means being perfect and giving up everything you want to please God. For some Apostolic, Pentecostal women, that means giving up how they look.

Church leaders have instructed apostolic and Pentecostal women to cover themselves with modesty. Women are encouraged to dress conservatively to not tempt or entice men into sinning or lust. Apostolics and Pentecostals believe women must strictly follow these guidelines to stay pure before God.

In some churches, there are even punishments if women do not dress modestly. In some cases, they may be banned from participating in ministry activities. In others, they may be ridiculed and made to feel unworthy of being a part of the congregation.

Not Just Apostolics and Pentecostals

This way of thinking is not limited to Pentecostals or Apostolics, however. Some denominations within Christianity also have similar dress codes for women. Some of these denominations believe that women should not wear pants or shorts and must keep their arms covered at all times. They include some catholic and trinitarian denominations.

Christian Women Must Look Different From the World

These rules are put in place because the leaders of these churches believe that women must look different from the world. They must not dress in a way that would attract attention or make them stand out.
The reasoning behind this is that women who dress modestly and conservatively are less likely to be targeted by men for sexual advances.

In some cases, women are even blamed for being sexually harassed because they were not dressed modestly enough.

Despite these problems, many Christian women choose to follow these guidelines for dressing modestly. They do so because they believe it will please God. And, ultimately, that is their decision to make.
People outside of the church may think these dress codes are unfair and sexist, but it is a cultural norm for women who grow up living this lifestyle.

What Problems Do These Rules Cause?

Although many Apostolic, Pentecostal churches widely accept dress codes for women, it is still troubling to some people because it does not allow for female self-expression. When a woman sees herself as an object, her value decreases dramatically. She cannot see herself as complete in Christ because there are always areas of her life restricted from the public eye.

Rules on dress code can significantly influence an Apostolic, Pentecostal woman's job opportunities. Since Apostolic, Pentecostal dress codes are particular (i.e., no makeup, no cutting hair, skirts below the knee, etc.), finding a job can be complex. The dress code may get in the way of work tasks, or a company may have its own dress standards.

In addition, these women are sometimes ridiculed by the world for following these guidelines. They are viewed as being uneducated and oppressed.

Men Are Not Subject to the Same Rules

It is also important to note that men in these churches are not subject to the same rules as women. They are allowed to wear shorts, tank tops, and hats. Apostolic, Pentecostal men hardly look different from the world, which can be very frustrating for women who feel that they are being held to a higher standard than the men in their church.

Apostolic and Pentecostal women must cover their hair, wear long skirts and dresses, and keep their arms covered. They are not allowed to wear makeup, jewelry, or pants. People outside of the church may think these dress codes are unfair and sexist, but women who live this lifestyle do so because they believe that it is what God wants them to do.

Are These Rules Necessary?

Having an Apostolic and Pentecostal dress code for women is meant to protect the organization that enforces these rules. It attempts to keep the women in these churches from being objectified by men. However, changing how a woman looks does not change a man's character. He will still see a woman as a sexual object, regardless of how she is dressed if that is in his heart.

However, it is essential to note that not all Christian denominations have dress codes for their women. Many denominations allow their women to wear pants and shorts.

Some people believe that the Apostolic and Pentecostal rules for women are unnecessary and outdated; they feel that these rules do more harm than good because they restrict female self-expression and limit job opportunities.

The dress code for Pentecostal women is a controversial topic. Whether or not you agree with the rules set out in an Apostolic Church, all Christians should have their own beliefs about how they want to live their life. It is essential to be mindful of other people's feelings while also staying true to your values--even if those things are different from what society deems as "normal."

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